Inspiring Safety, Health and Well-being

The Oceanside Promise partners are committed to supporting the social, emotional, and physical well-being of Oceanside’s children and young adults and see it as the foundation for helping them reach their fullest potential in college, career and life. Our Safety, Health and Well-being goals include:

  • All children and young adults are safe and secure in their homes, schools and community

  • All children and young adults are socially, emotionally, mentally and physically thriving


Promoting Early Childhood Success (Prenatal through Third Grade)

Investing in the success our youngest children is the greatest investment our community can make in the future of Oceanside. Research shows that children who are more prepared to enter kindergarten are less likely to drop out, require public assistance, or be arrested for a violent crime. Now that’s a positive return for the entire community! Our Early Childhood Success goals include: 

  • Every child enters school kindergarten-ready

  • Every child is proficient in early literacy by the end of 3rd grade

Advancing College and Career Readiness (Middle School and High School)

In today’s competitive world, we need to ensure Oceanside’s students graduate prepared for college and career. High school is no longer the finish line and more of our students must be go on to postsecondary education upon graduation. The Oceanside Promise partners are working to ensure more of our students graduate college- and career-ready, with an emphasis on Latino young men. Our College and Career Readiness goals include: 

  • Every student graduates from high school college- and career-ready, earning a “C” or better in A-G coursework*

  • Every graduate enters a post-secondary degree or certificate program

Ensuring Postsecondary Completion

Every Oceanside graduate should be encouraged and have the option to go on to post-secondary education. It’s our responsibility as a community to make sure our youth are supported and prepared to successfully complete a degree, certificate or military program upon graduation. By doing so, we all benefit, because a more educated community improves our economic prosperity and overall quality of life. Our Post-secondary Completion goals include:

  • Every student completes a post-secondary program, earning a college degree, certificate, or market-valued credential

  • Every graduate enters a livable-wage career

*Minimum requirements for entry into CSU/UC colleges.

Invest in the Promise of Oceanside’s children, youth and families